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DOT Permits

Need a DOT tracking number? Start by watching the video below.


What is a DOT tracking number?

Also known as a permittee or IBM number, a DOT tracking number is used to obtain sidewalk and roadway construction permits in all five boroughs of New York City.

When do you need a DOT tracking number?

Whenever you are going to occupy the sidewalk or roadway with construction-related activity. This would include sidewalk repairs, storing equipment in the roadway, etc.

What can you do with a DOT tracking number?

A wide range of permits can be pulled, such as sidewalk repair permits and support permits for DOB-related projects (e.g. debris container for a renovation project).

How do you obtain a DOT tracking number?

You’ll need to bring the documents listed below to the DOT’s Legal Department to obtain a DOT tracking number. Note that the DOT requires these certificates to be formatted in a specific way. The rules on how to format your certificates are changing all the time so we assist contractors with getting them formatted correctly and then take them down to the DOT.

Documents needed:

  1. Permittee Registration Application

  2. Your company’s Employer Identification Number (EIN) letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

  3. New York State filing receipt

  4. General Liability

  5. Workers' Compensation

  6. Location permit bond (2-50 locations)

The Permittee Registration Application is the main application that is used to register your company and identify your company officers.

Your company’s EIN letter must be submitted along with your insurance certificates. If you aren’t able to locate your EIN letter, you can request a copy be sent to you by the IRS. You do not have to submit the original EIN letter.

The company name listed on this NYS filing receipt must match the name we are registering with the DOT.

General Liability insurance must be on an Acord form and complemented by a certification by broker. Note that your GL policy has to be approved by the DOT’s Legal Department before it will be accepted. That involves submitting the entire policy to them. We assist contractors with this process.

Workers’ Compensation is required to obtain a tracking number. Even if you are the only employee in your company, you need WC to get a tracking number.

Permit bonds are good for one calendar year. The most common bond is for 2-50 locations and we encourage all of our clients to get this one.

How long does it take to get a DOT tracking number?

On average, it takes about two weeks to get a tracking number. This is due to us not only having to submit the documents, but also correspond with the DOT's Legal Dept about your insurance certs.

Does a DOT tracking number expire?

Tracking numbers don't expire but we encourage our clients to keep their insurance files up-to-date.

What are other things that I can do at the DOT related to permits?

Major alterations/new building procedures. We also handle vault filings and major/alteration new building filings. These require submitting drawings and attending a meeting.

Still need help?

We have helped HUNDREDS of contractors get registered at the DOT and obtain their DOT tracking number. We’d be more than happy to assist you with this process. We’ll work with you and your insurance broker to make sure your certificates are formatted correctly. Once everything is set, we’ll take them down to the DOT’s Legal Department and submit them for you.

Contact us at (212) 400-4836 ext. 1 or via email at to get started.